Bundled Joy Baby Gifts was founded in October 2018 by Hsiang-Yu Chen, Ph.D., with a dream that one day no kids will have to suffer from childhood cancer. Having two little kids herself, the thought of parents losing their child to incurable diseases is just unbearable.

“You can’t sleep well at night when your kids are sick or having a fever. Imagine those parents who would give up everything just for their child to live. How desperate it must be for the parents when there is nothing they can do to save their child. “ said Dr. Chen.

Going through graduate school at UCLA for her PhD degree in Materials Science made her realize that it takes years and years of research and tremendous amount of funding for any research to have a breakthrough in a specific field.

 “It’s sad to see how fast the technology evolved in the past decade while on the other hand there are so many medical fields that haven’t made much progress for decades due to lack of funding. We live in a century full of hope and excitement, yet we are so helpless when it comes to diseases such as cancer.”

“You can do nothing now or you can do your best and maybe, just maybe, one day there will be one less parent who has to suffer from the pain of losing his/her child because of what you started today” – she thought to herself.

With this dream in mind, 30% of the profit from each gift purchased will go to help fighting childhood cancer. Every year, Dr. Chen will choose a children’s hospital or research organization for our donation.

This year (2019), the donation will go to Boston Children’s Hospital for research. Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked #1 by U.S.News in 2018-19. Learn more about it here.

Making gifts for babies, kids, and Moms is not our job, but our passion! We enjoy making each gift knowing that someone will soon receive the love we packed in with the gift and hopefully it will bring a smile to their face.

We believe that giving gifts is a great way to spread love and to bring each other closer. Have someone in mind that you would like to send a gift to? Want to send a gift that’s practical and meaningful? See if we have something you like!

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