Little Things We Can Teach Our Kids To Help With The Environment

It’s Earth Day! Here are a few little things you can teach your kids to help with the environment:

  1.  Use both sides of the paper when they write or color. Explain where paper comes from and why trees are important to the Earth.
  1.  Remind them to turn off electronics such as the TV, computer, and lights when not in use. This good habit saves your bills, too!
  1.  Teach them what items are recyclable and why is recycling important.
  1.  Remind them not to waste water. Kids like to turn the faucet on and keep it running while playing with the water. Doing a short shower instead of a bath also helps – and again saves money!
  1.  Do gardening with your kids! This does not just help them to like veggies more but also helps them appreciate the effort it takes to grow plants.

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